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I borrowed the librarys (autographed) copy, but definitely want to read it again sometime. I award five stars only to life-changing books. Orgie is a rather strange book: it is structured as a dialogue (of thoughts) between him and her; set simultaneously in the present, the past, and the eternal, and often modernistically switching between them mid-sentence; rich with allusions to literature and mythology and full of symbolism and metaphor. What this changing between narrators allows, is that you get a really in-depth look into the internal dialogue of each of the two characters. They see and remember the same things from different perspective, and each also has his own memories and experiences to contend with. In one of my favourite parts, he thinks, Jy sit so stil en kyk na my asof jy alles raai wat in my is... and immediately afterwards follows her thought, ... en agter jou geslote oë al jou onbereikbare verhale. Each wants, desperately, to be happy, and neither knows how to get what they want. And youre left wondering whether they could be happy if only... or not?Perhaps my favourite aspect of the book is the parallels with his and Ingrid Jonkers life (such as the references to his marriage, her grandmother and mother, the sea and seaweed in particular, as well as more obviously the books dedication to her).The characters struggle with defining their relationship reflects Brinks own struggle with similar themes in real life. And the courage with which he explores this in writing - including the frightful resolution - is amazing. The books title really comes into its own at the very end, in the last scene. Throughout the whole there is the drunken party, but it is only in the final act that the abandonment to lust suddenly and tragically crystallises.

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